Express Infomaics Personal Reference Check Services

Personal Reference Verifications are conducted by contacting the Applicant’s personal references to verify personal information about the Applicant. This type of verification is an important part of a thorough background check.

A Personal Reference Verification is conducted by contacting the reference(s) using a specially designed questionnaire to ask various questions of a more personal nature about the Applicant.  In order to conduct the reference check, a signed Release is obtained from the Applicant and upon being requested, we will mail a copy to the designated reference.

Why do you need to perform a Personal Reference Verification?

Personal references are a good source in revealing if potential problems might exist such as known drug use, moodiness, stressful situations, trustworthiness and any anger issues that might be known to the personal reference.  Often times, a background history check does not reveal the issues that are of a more personal nature, but could be of importance in the hiring process.

It also provides an opportunity for personal references to share their views of the Applicant as a friend and/or neighbor, either good or bad and what their relationship is to the Applicant.

Sometimes employers will only verify minimal information, but this information helps provide a good insight as to the Applicant. There is no denying the fact that you need a complete background screen to know whether the image your candidate presents is valid or whether the Applicant is a bad hire.

Express Infomatics Personal Reference Verification Services:

Express Infomatics has a team of experts with years of experience in verifying personal references. By verifying the applicant’s personal references and in getting the relevant information you need will aide you to hire a worthy and competent employee. Our team of experts helps you to hire quickly and efficiently.