See how they conduct themselves outside of the office

Verification of a job candidate’s social media including sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram, Twitter etc. for any objectionable content.

Significance: Social media has gained popularity as one of the most important background checks in the recruitment process. Employers always look for ways to find the best talent in the market for their open positions.

Reverse Telephone Lookup:

Find out who is calling you with confidential reverse phone lookup. The report may include phone type, carrier, owner’s name, age, address, possible relatives, and historical locations.

Significance: This service can help you block the telemarketers, car warranty scammers, and harassing callers.

How Express Infomatics Can help:

Express Infomatics offers FCRA compliant social media background checks. Only the publicly available information about the applicant is reviewed. We will not provide any information that cannot be provided legally so applicant’splicatnt’s privacy setting is respected.