During 10:00 A.M. to 6:00 EST., One of our trained staff members is available to assist our Clients with any of their questions or technical support needs. We have designed our Web Portal and software to be easy to navigate through and to be user-friendly. However, there are always occasions where questions arise about the use of our software or special requirements need to be fulfilled, We are there to assist you with live support during normal business hours.
Call Support: (M-F 10AM – 6PM EST) 866-241-0253, ext 207. If questions and/ or problems arise outside our normal business hours, our Clients can still receive support 24/7 through on on-line HELP FILES or through the creation of a Support Tag Request where a Client’s needs will be addressed within 24 hours by one of our trained support staff members. Email: clientservices@expressinfomatics.com
All our Clients are assigned an Account Representative. This individual will be your dedicated support representative for the initial training period and on-going throughout a Client’s relationship with Express Infomatics. Express Infomatics prides itself as a company in providing the highest standards of Client Support and to be there to ensure the accurate, timely, and efficient results for our Client’s screening requirements.